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Precision sheet metal conventional flat flexible mold introduction:

1. Soft mold composition: upper template, lower template, punch, gasket, back pressure punch.

2. Determine the difficulty factor of the soft mold: the size of the convex hull, the appearance of the convex hull, the relative height of the convex hull, and the total number of convex hull.

3. Soft mold conventional application raw materials: SPHC, unique circumstances can be changed to other materials.

4. Machine and equipment for processing convex hull: hydraulic press or other high-speed punching machine and equipment with the same function.

5. Factors that harm the processing time of convex hull: Punch polishing, lower template polishing, other soft die forming burr and network node removal, accumulation of punch composition (electric welding or riveting), accumulation of template composition (electric welding or riveting), overall mold assembly, convex hull processing first sample and simple repair die, convex hull processing around the machine equipment time and punching processing time.