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Precision sheet metal is a kind of production process, according to cutting, stamping, drilling, sheet metal bending, welding and other forms of sheet metal processing into the required shape structure. Precision sheet metal is widely used in electronic devices, electronic devices, mechanical equipment, automotive, aerospace engineering and other industries, for the production of a variety of metal parts and components, such as chassis, shell, power distribution cabinet, control box, power distribution cabinet, automotive precision parts and so on.

The characteristics of precision sheet metal processing mainly include the following aspects:

High precision: Precision sheet metal processing tolerances are small, dimensional accuracy is high, can meet the requirements of high performance.

Complex form: Precision sheet metal can process complex forms and structures, such as bending, sheet metal bending, forming, etc., to meet different needs.

High surface quality: high surface quality after precision sheet metal processing, good surface smoothness, can meet a variety of different surface requirements.

High strength: Parts and components after precision sheet metal processing have high strength stability and can withstand a variety of different loads and natural conditions.

All in all, precision sheet metal is a kind of high-precision, high-complexity, high-surface quality, high-strength production process, widely used in all walks of life, can meet different needs.