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1. Anti-rust treatment of basic precision sheet metal processing products.

2. When using precision sheet metal processing products to make zinc-rich epoxy resin primer, the key is to use anti-rust finish paint for steel frame structure and steel. The coating has good physical and chemical properties, is convenient for engineering construction and has good supporting facilities. The main ingredients are: epoxy resin glue, curing agent, zinc powder and so on.

3. Connection layer is used as anticorrosive material and zinc-rich epoxy primer. Their function is to improve the sealing property and anti-corrosion properties of composite coatings, and can also be used as anti-corrosion and anti-rust finish paint. The coating is tough, has good adhesion and sealing performance, and has good applicability to the front and back left and right coatings. Its components include epoxy resin binder, epoxy curing agent and biotite compound.

4. The whole surface can be made of epoxy varnish, fluorocarbon paint, etc.