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Sheet metal shell is an essential facility in most computer rooms, and its key role is to ensure electronic components, and then provide more stable and reliable conditions for our electronic components products. Therefore, the metal plate shell usually has good seismic performance, extrusion resistance, dust resistance and corrosion resistance. However, considering the different application scenarios, these metal materials sometimes rust after contact with gas. Do you know any tips to prevent sheet metal shell corrosion? I would like to share with you today:

Tips to prevent sheet metal shell corrosion:

1. The product at the bottom of the sheet metal shell can remove rust.

2. Metal products surface treatment sheet metal shell can be used for epoxy asphalt, chlorinated rubber, acrylic polyurethane, fluorocarbon surface treatment.

3. In precision sheet metal processing, sheet metal shell processing products can be used as epoxy zinc-rich paint, mainly used as anti-rust paint for steel frames and steel plates. Good material performance, simple spraying, excellent supporting performance. Epoxy resin, epoxy curing agent, zinc powder, anti-rust pigments, additives, organic solvents, etc.

4. The metal sheet shell made of epoxy mica iron oxide can be used, the middle layer is epoxy zinc-rich paint, and the coating is long-term anticorrosive. The treatment effect of the metal plate is to improve the sealing performance and corrosion resistance of the composite coating, as the primer anticorrosion and rust prevention. The coating has strong adhesion and excellent sealing performance, and is suitable for front and back coating.