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In daily life, people should observe and think about the important things in daily life. People's Daily supplies, such as chimneys, stainless steel barrels, oil barrels, ventilation pipes, elbows and so on. It's made of sheet metal. Metal plates can be processed into various specifications of metal plates. Many changes have taken place in our production, clothing, food, housing and transportation. This sheet metal processing in the manufacturing industry has a technical term called sheet metal processing.

Now, let's introduce sheet metal in detail. Sheet metal is a steel handicraft processing technology, which belongs to cold processing technology and steel processing manufacturing industry. According to the international definition of sheet metal, sheet metal is a refined sheet metal cold processing process, according to the process of cutting, cutting and pasting. For example, people use thick steel shells on trams, that is, sheet metal processing.

Next, we will introduce the processing characteristics of sheet metal processing in detail. Sheet metal is thin steel, so the weight is relatively light. Sheet metal processing is based on cold processing technology, so the compressive strength is very large and very hard. In addition, the plate is a kind of steel, according to the current can have good electrical conductivity. Compared with other steel processing methods, the price has a very good performance price ratio.

The application range of sheet metal processing is described in detail. Sheet metal machining has many applications. Sheet metal processing is a processing technology for manufacturing high-precision parts for electronic and electrical appliances, assisting the communication industry, and manufacturing automotive casings for the automotive industry. In addition, it is also used for the production and processing of medical machinery. In other words, sheet metal processing has many primary uses, which brings a lot of convenience to people's production, clothing, food, housing and transportation.

Sheet metal processing methods are: non-abrasive processing and abrasive processing. Although their processing steps are similar, they cannot escape the following situations:

1. The design department makes the photos of sheet metal workpiece in accordance with the specified design scheme, and displays them one by one in a three-dimensional way, which is convenient for processing units and fully displays the actual structure of sheet metal workpiece.

2. For the part of the photo, the method of hiding is very good. In fact, it can be divided into: cutting machine, high-speed punching machine, CNC machine tool, etc.

3. Pay attention to its direction when riveting. Sheet metal can be riveted with a high speed punch or a hydraulic riveter.

4. The welding should be firm, and the welding surface should be prominent when welding, so that it can contact the surface of the tablet computer. When welding, welding time and working pressure should be guaranteed.

5. Sheet metal forming processing: The key is sheet metal bending. The key to the sheet bending process is from the inside out. To grow. First fold the unique situation and then fold the general appearance priority selection processing.

6. Metal surface treatment: According to customer requirements, the original film is coated on the sheet metal surface to improve the adhesion of the spray paint. According to the actual operation of the fiber laser cutting automation technology, the sheet metal processing technology is further improved, so that the actual operation remains intelligent, not only saves labor costs, but also further improves productivity, increases the total manufacturing amount, and plays an obvious role in the future development of sheet metal.